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Hello everyone this is Dil Demonique not at your service.

I'm a rabid atheist, existentialist, materialist, determinist, moral subjectivist market anarchist. Chances are, I'm more extreme than you are. Hobbies include: sneering down upon foolish mortals, laughing madly like a villain MUAHAHAHAHHAHA, world domination, sneering down upon mere humans, reading, drawing, debating, devouring the flesh of strawberries, and writing.

Ego Size:

(Notice it is a very small planet, I don't want to look like an arrogant piece of shit).


Ayn Rand (current), Friedrich Nietzsche, Sean C., Francois T.

Rolemodels also known to be insanely arrogant, they were a bad influence on Dil :'( I'd have to say Franc takes the cake for arrogance, he once told me I had interpreted my own piece of art wrong because he disagreed on what it was meant to express. Franc is dil's friend and owns the www.strongatheism.net/ (rabid atheism) page. All the strong atheists I've met have been intelligent, but unfortunately most of them seem arrogant as well. Sometimes I think I hate my own kind (cause' they piss me off). Nietzsche fucking ownz, but I think Ayn Rand is an ubermensche. Seriously, she's the egoist for the 19 century motherfuckers. I want to be a type of Rand one day *sigh* dreams.

What am I doing now:

Well, my talented ass is at university for sciences (fresh(wo)man), I'm probably going to major in biology and minor in philosophy. I have a bad habit of slacking off... so my marks aren't all that good *shrugs* I pass. I'm at some disgusting prestigious school in Canada. Science is the hardest thing they have there, I'm good at most things, but I'm best at useless shit that won't get me a job. Haha.

"Why I am so clever" - this page includes 'how to be clever' tips.


Since I'm omnipotent, I thought I'd give my enemies a break, you know...cause' I'm nice and all. According to a Myer-Brigg psychological personality test, I am INTJ (portrait of a mastermind rational) intuitive, rational, thinking judge. You can take the test here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp You can read about INTJ here: http://keirsey.com/personality/ntij.html Since you're probably lazy, I'll tell you the relevant piece of info. My Achille's Heel is interpersonal relationship, more specifically: 'romance', so to defeat me you'll probably have to seduce me somehow, but my heart is made out of frozen nitrogen. So good luck with that. *snickers*

I'm also afraid of small children. They are filthy, disease carrying vermin.

Demonique's Human Form: commonly seen wearing a black pleather jacket and dark clothing, is a cute asian girl with reddish hair.

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