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Welcome To Dil's Universe

Before we get started, you need to know one thing:

ME > you

(For the mathematically challenged, that's a greater than sign) Yes, you have unfortunately entered the site of the egomaniac also known as Dil or Dil* or Dil_Demonique or _Dilandau_ . As you explore the site the first item that you learn will become readily apparent. The awesomeness of me starts with this page, created mostly in photoshop 8 and as you can see, it is very pretty. All writing, art and poetry done by moi unless stated otherwise. Sometimes I'll add reference to my writing by putting it in quotation marks signifying it is not mine. I enjoy hatemail and debunking stupid claims. My email for this site: conquisator@gmail.com










Art/Poetry Section UP


 (previous update):

-Basically, I had this whole site almost done then I tried to upload it, and on the second failed attempt of uploading it on the second server I chose I deleted my whole fucking folder, all my pages and everything. Luckily my first failed attempt saved me because I uploaded all my stuff onto bravenet so now I'm just salvaging my pages. I'm an artsy type person who fails at technology; I'm one of those people who can't seem to set the VCR time. Marc Perkel of http://www.churchofreality.org helped me out alot (TY marc!) I can't imagine his frustration, helping me with technology is like trying to get a cripple run a marathon. I can make pretty graphics on photoshop and I can work dreamweaver mx, but when I try to upload it: everything goes to fucking hell.

-inspiration for philosopher's asylum pretty much died, maybe it will come back, but I doubt it

-maybe making a page on evolution, depending on how many people piss me off

- thinking of getting a life, but I prefer solitude as Nietzsche had it

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