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Strong Atheist, Materialist, Existentialist, Determinist (follows naturally from materialism), Skeptic, Cynic, Empiricist, Moral Subjectivist (not to be confused with Moral Relativist or Cultural Relativist). I spent the last three years of my life arguing with philosophers and intellectuals over the internet. I've read some Nietzsche and Rand and a bunch of random things I cannot recall at the moment. I have to admit I spent the last year or so doing atheology (philosophy of atheism dealing with theistic arguments and whatnot). I'm also a defender of evolution and a mocker of Intelligent Design.


1. Strong Atheism (***** five stars for offensiveness)

2. Moral Subjectivism

3. Moral Relativism/ Cultural Relativism is Bullshit (new)

4. Dil: On Death

5. The Rant on Kant (***** five stars for arrogance)

6. Snippets

7. Tearing Apart Arguments (a general page)

. In Defence of Determinism